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TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) syndrome affects all people who chew. Where the human being is a creature of habit and habitually chews and speaks in the same manner, using the same muscles in particular patterns that are typically at a consistent range interval of usage. How many times do you eat taking big chews one meal and small chews the next? Typically a person will do the same actions to get the best-perceived result. Creatures of habit.  


Joint pain at the temporomandibular displays pain in the actual joint area (clicking or popping) [1], inside the jaw with a feeling of tightness (lacking range of motion) or as a headache. All causing activities of daily living to become more difficult or downright uncomfortable.


Neuromuscular Therapy for the head and neck is specialized therapy targeting muscle such at; pterygoid (medial and lateral), digastric, and the multiple hyoid muscles. The small local muscles of the neck and head that are often overlooked generally causing the impairment of the larger muscles, creating pain.


Neuromuscular therapy plays the role of finding the specific muscle to work on through extensive history intact and performing the NMT at optimal angles of entry along with pressure to ensure the greatest amount of muscle release without creating a response of pain. NMT helps a person discuss the pain they feel, which creates a safe place for the mind to relax. Relaxation that allows the NMT’s trigger point therapy to relieve the body of the spasmtic muscle response and the body to begin the natural innate healing process.


  1. Nicole Cutler L.Ac.


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