Neuromuscular-Lymphatic Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy according to NHI (National Holistic Institute)” …one of our key areas of focus and study is Myofascial Trigger Points. Trigger Points are microscopic spasms that form at the neuromuscular junction, where the nervous system communicates with a muscle. We study the physiology of a healthy neuromuscular junction, what goes “wrong” to activate the trigger point, and then apply specific techniques to encourage the neuromuscular junction back to healthy function”

With in-depth assessment of the client’s full history, from jumping off a swing in Grandma’s back yard to the sports played and lack of sports played, all information is gathered for the purpose to understand how the client has developed their pain over time, if not from direct trauma.

As a student of the National Holistic Institute, exposed to a wealth of knowledge from the 30+ years Cynthia Ribeiro (former American Massage Therapy Association President). Cynthia taught five modules which are comprised of massage therapist classes that focus on the Shoulder & Thoracic region, the Head & Neck combined with a Cadaver Lab, the Lumbar-Pelvic region, the Lower Extremities combined with a Cadaver Lab, and the Upper Extremities.

Lymphatic drainage described by Dr Andrew Weil “…is a technique developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid”. The lymphatic system stands as the garbage highway of the body, carrying all the junk and extra fluid away from the organs and limbs to filtration processors then flushing all that is not utilized. When the already slow system slows down, from the environment, daily stressors, or other factors the body can suffer from an increased ability to become sick. Manual lymphatic drainage stands as the most direct non-machine and external way to influence positive movement of the lymphatic fluid in order to decrease the likelihood of disease and illness

When combined, Neuromuscular Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, the results have shown to be phenomenal. Through the increased range of motion and lack of systematic pain due to muscular spasm and restriction, the person may feel the sense of ability and freedom to take deeper breaths and get outside to move. Additionally, the Manual Lymphatic Drainage perpetuates the active flow of the lymphatic system encouraging the persons chemical balance to homeostasis, for the person to feel the proper excitement about life. Neuro-Lymphatic Drainage is a slow and detailed process that applies feather-light strokes (limited pressure applied to the surface of skin due to lymphatic systems proximity to the surface, feather-light limiting the collapse of the vessels with applied pressure) to facilitate increased flow, at the same time collaborating the history intake of the client to understand  proper angles of entry upon the trigger points found to relieve the spasmatic muscle while not causing the pain response of traditional trigger point therapy. Creating a ultra-smooth yet effective therapy. In short, Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy is the release of spasmatic muscle you want mixed with the increased flow of chemicals your body needs to function most effectively.

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