Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFt) is described as recharging the mitochondria of the cells. Mitochondria are like the battery pack of your cells and when they get fatigued, that is when the body starts to feel stiff and not as young as they used to be. In fact, it has been studied that the dysfunction of the mitochondria can lead to rapid aging (or cell destruction or slow cellular regeneration) [2].

According to John Hoppkins University “Electricity and magnetic energy exist in the human body. It controls the heartbeat, stimulates muscles, and more. Each molecule in the human body actually contains a small amount of magnetic energy” [1] Meaning that we (humans) are piezoelectric beings, when we move, we create energy. JHU continues to state “Electromagnetic therapy is based on the belief that an imbalance of the electromagnetic frequencies or fields of energy can cause illness. Electromagnetic therapy is applied to the body to correct these imbalances.  There are various electrical devices available to treat a variety of symptoms. These include low-voltage electricity, magnetic fields, radio waves, or other types of electromagnetic energy.”

NASA [3] has proven the validity of the PEMFt capability of cellular regeneration where they equip their astronauts with components that resonate a time-variable (pulse) electromagnetic field through channels to decrease the rampant decomposition (body loses density due to the lack of pressure from gravity) in space. The ability to maintain and/or improve cellular regeneration provides the ability for astronauts to stay in space for longer periods of time without the harmful side effects when in space and when reacclimating to earth pressure.

We are at a constant flow of stress, which causes the body to release chemicals to balance you out (keep you from screaming at the sales clerk). Though when constantly switch to on the organs that produce the chemicals (hormones) deplete or get fatigue such as your adrenal glands. Organs like your kidneys and liver suffer, causing dysfunction with digestion and filtration, leading to greater situations with health and wellness. The stress affects the macro all the way down to the micro, where inclusive of the mitochondria discussed earlier, they too become fatigued. All stemming from the stress of every day (school, work, relationships) which we can not and should not avoid, though learn to manage by asking the question ” where can i find Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy near me?”.

PEMFt is the Gold Standard to recharging the cellular battery pack, providing the crucial spark to the organs to create the chemical needed to perform at the best you need to. 30 mins to 8 hours of interval frequency programs of the PEMFt creates the source of energy that has been shown to improve sleep, accelerate wound repair, mitigate inflammation (arthritis), promotes immunes system function.


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