Orange County Mobile Chair Massage


Benefits of corporate chair massage:

• More fun for your event

• Create sustainable energy in your work culture

• Improves workday experience

• Decreases anxiety levels

Services provided by Soothing Escape:

• Chair massage 10-15 minutes (Shoulder and Neck mobility stretching)

• Table massage 10-15 minutes (clothed) for stretching and myofascial release

• Active Trigger Point Release Therapy 10-15 minutes (Table provided upon pre-booking request)

3 Payment options for chair massage events:

1. Pay Before Event. 5 – 6  Guest/Employees sessions per hour

2. Pre-Booked Event. The company pays based on the total of 10-minute sessions for Guests/Employees performed

3. Guest/Employee Pay, Guest/Employee pay upon request of time in the chair

* 2-hour minimum booking

* Session $2.00 / 1 minute

* $120 an hour 

* Massage table made available upon request

* Multi-therapist bookings available*

* Table/chair, lotions/oils, and massage tools provided


Massage therapists in Orange County at Soothing Escape will provide Relaxation and Revitalize therapy for your life. Get a mobile massage near me in Orange County.

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