Orange County Mobile Chair Massage

Benefits of corporate chair massage:

• More fun for your event • Create sustainable energy in your work culture • Improves workday experience • Decreases anxiety levels

Services provided by Soothing Escape:

• Chair massage 10-15 minutes (Shoulder and Neck mobility stretching) • Table massage 10-15 minutes (clothed) for stretching and myofascial release • Active Trigger Point Release Therapy 10-15 minutes (Table provided upon pre-booking request)

Mobile Chair Massage Pricing

$120 per hour, per Therapist. Minimum 2 hour event. ($240) 15 minute break for Therapist when event is over 2 hours. Tip jar may be present for any donations to Therapist. With approval of Event Coordinator.

Massage therapists in Orange County at Soothing Escape will provide Relaxation and Revitalize therapy for your life. Get a mobile massage near me in Orange County.

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