Orange County Mobile Chair Events

Corporate Wellness Fair, Cycling a/o Running Pre, During & Post Event Stretching and Soft Tissue Release

Services provided by Soothing Escape:

• Chair massage 10-15 minute (Shoulder and Neck mobility stretching)

• Table massage 10-15 minute (clothed) for stretching and myofascial release

• Active Trigger Point Release Therapy (Chair) (Table for lower extremities release or requesting Active Release for the full body)

3 Exchange Structures for chair massage events:

1. Exchange Before Event. $85 an hour (2-hour minimum, per therapist) chair (table made available upon request)

2. Pre-Booked Exchange After Event. sessions for Guest/Employee’s, exchange based on; sign-in sheet verification. Exchange after completed event per- registered Guest/Employee’s are verified.

3. Exchange During Event. $1.30 / 1 minute, Guest/Employee will exchange upon request per service,

There are many benefits that you can get when you bring a chair massage therapy to your health fair event or work environment. Besides being the most popular exhibitor in your event bringing at least one chair massage to your event should be a priority.

Benefits that your company will get with just a single chair massage:

• Will bring more participation in your event

• It will create a sensation of relaxation in your work-group

• It will improve communication among peers about the experience

Benefits that your guest/employees will get with a chair massage therapy:

• It will decrease anxiety levels

• It will increase blood circulation

• It will boost their immune system

• It will tone their muscles

Soothing Escape’s Chair Massage Therapy is mobile, in which we make all travel with; table/chair, lotions/oils, and massage tools directly to your location for corporate wellness event, athletic running or cycling event, or even in-home mobile massage services.

Massage therapists Orange County at Soothing Escape will provide Relaxation and Revitalize for your life. Get a mobile massage near me in Orange County

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**ANNOUNCEMENT** Soothing Escape: Body & Mindy Rejuvenation Massage accepts all forms of credit card and cash exchange for massage therapy, as a “Donation or Gift” for the advancement of education, skills, and techniques for the purpose of providing a greater experience.