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The Coronavirus has placed us all on edge. But no need to hide from a virus. Let us take a stand. A stand that turns into movement, that turns into energy to encourage your immune system to fight harder to defend you from harm. 2 practical tips for improving your immune system and defend against the Coronavirus.

2 Tips to improve Immune System

Dry Skin Brushing ⁃ Gently brushing the surface of the skin with a soft bristle brush to invigorate the lymph system. Dry skin brushes lymphatic drainage massage


  • Dry skin brushing once a day.  Typically at night.
  • Always brush lymph toward the heart
    • Ex. Starting at the collarbone brushing down towards the heart, clearing the way for the lymph. While brushing down toward the heart move the brush up the Neck to the Face
  • Start brushing at the base of the Neck, from starting point, brush 3-5 strokes before moving to the next spot
    • Right side Shoulder down to the Fingers and back up to the Shoulder, moving the lymph across to the heart
    • From the left Shoulder down the fingers back up toward the heart
    • Chest down to belly button and brush back up
    • Top of Legs down to the Toes and back up
    • All towards the heart


Rebounding (trampoline)- Increase blood and lymphatic circulation through vibrational movement.


  • Use your rebounder (trampoline) or some soft grass (beach sand) for ten minutes a day
  • Full deep breaths as you Rebound
  • Moderate pace when bouncing
  • Use Feet and Toes to control your bouncing
  • Create strength in your Hips and Core as you bounce to generate more heat and circulation
  • Feel the light sweat and muscle strength as you bounce


The lymphatic system is our cleaning system of the body. When we stay inside, we begin to slow our already sluggish lymph system down. Doing this opens the opportunity for bacteria and viruses to multiply and beginning the sickness. 

Reconnecting with nature to build our immune system and gently increasing the flow of you natural body processes with dry skin brushing (with Doctor approval in some cases) can and will improve your overall well being, which ultimately improves your health.

Proactive effort can keep you happy and healthy


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