Kinstretch IR_Prone Shoulder Rotation 1-19-21

Kinstretch IR_90/90 Hip Transitions 1-15-21

Kinstretch IR_Deep Squat Hip Internal/External Rotation 3-24-20

Kinstretch IR_Seated Hip Flexion w/Knee Flexion 3-31-20

Kinstretch IR_ChildsPose Shoulder Flexion w/ Hover 4-07-20

Kinstretch IR_BearSit Inner Thigh Progression 4-14-20



  • Effort Journey
    • Use your internal muscle force to generate energy to create more effort from the joint we are focused on.
  • Force is Language of the Body
    • The more tension (muscle flex) you can create over your whole body, the more intension you can command over the focused joint.
  • Movement from the Joints
    • In Kinstretch our intention is to create movement from the joint level. For joint resilience and injury mitigation.
  • Water Atmosphere
    • Usage of the imagination to create a water atmosphere, helping to engage the whole body during a movement. “Not just moving, but pushing through the atmosphere.”
  • Breath to Adapt
    • Assisting the body in accepting the force/stress being placed on the body, so the body grows from the experience.