Functional Range Conditioning – Prehab over Rehab

Why stay in pain, with no gain? A question I ask all of my clients while navigating this bodywork journey. Statement #1 “Pain, it’s just the way it is.” Statement #2 “I don’t even realize it anymore, it’s normal.” Two of the many statements I hear from clients as they travel on their pain management journey.

Short of neurological and psychosomatic, pain can be managed with progressive movement options. It has been studied that pain will limit our “want” or ability to move called “nocifensive response” (1). Not the physical or neurological ability to move. Now, this can be interesting when thinking of all the movement that was actually really easy once we actually tried the movement. Fact is, the skin is a receptor that tells the brain what the outside is doing, this regulates our experience. When creating an experience of progressive movement options our body is less likely to limit the full spectrum of movements we are blessed to create.

Functional range conditioning
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Functional Range Conditioning combines progressive and regressive isometric loads (PAIL’s/RAIL’s) with controlled articular rotations (CAR’s) to build the joints capacity to bare loads at ranges of motion we don’t use every day. When the body has movement options it feels safe, when the body feels safe, the body is free of compensation during movement. 

Throughout my 10 years in the bodywork industry, the answer remains the same. If you want to heal properly. Moving 90-99% pain-free joint range of motion. Progressive loads must be placed on the tissues in order for them to model to the specifications demand placed on the body through daily activity. Wolffs (2) and Davis (3) law will explain that the body will not grow if not placed under proper specific loads. When the body is in motion, it will stay in motion. Provide the body with the most options for the greatest opportunity of pain-free movement

Increased joint resilience creates less injury. Let’s get your joints right. Why stay in pain, with no gain?

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